A Long Way Gone Analysis

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Is it true? Could two unalike stories have the same themes? The story “Through The Tunnel” has a relation to “A Long Way Gone” other than it's a story, they both contain the same themes. The two stories contain the same themes, just with a different opinion on those themes. “A Long Way Gone” is a memoir of survival, “Through The Tunnel” is a story about a boy on a beach. The themes in relation are Acceptance, Goals, Hope.

In “A Long Way Gone” the main character Ishmael, is to face up too many challenges. Ishmael braves all these challenges with hope, hope for a better day tomorrow. Ishmael hopes to find his family; Ishmael thinks about them if he is not thinking about the horde war. When the rebels take the village his family is in, Ishmael only thinks about them, hoping for the best. When the three are gun shots about the town, Ishmael hopes the army is only target practicing. Jerry on the other hand, has hope, just with a different intention. Jerry is the main character from “Through The Tunnel”. Jerry hopes to make it to the other side of the tunnel under the sea. He set a goal to make it so he's doing a bit
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Ishmael in “A Long Way Gone” sets a few simple, basic goals. Ishmael sets the simplest of them all, stay alive. Ishmael walks and walks fighting nature and man. Not only does he have a goal for survival, but Ishmael’s goal to find his family, and safety, shelter. In the end Ishmael completes most of his goals. Jerry is “Through The Tunnel” has only two goals, technically one. Jerry’s goals are to make it all the way through the tunnel, without needing a breath. The other goal is to show off to the big kids. But Jerry had to get away from his mom to get to the rocky side of the beach. After his mom lets him run off, when he discovers the tunnel, Jerry runs back to his mom to buy a pair of goggles. Jerry completed his goals, with enjoyment, and