A Long Way Gone Literary Analysis

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A Long Way Gone is a story about traumatized young kids, Ishmael Beah and his group of friends, who wandered through villages searching for their lost loved ones, trying to survive from the impact of the war in Sierra Leone. Through the horrifying war that separate families in
Sierra Leone, Ishmael conveyed his story through the use of vivid imagery, creation of empathy from the audience, and teaching a moral in the story.
A Long Way Gone was about a boy name Ishmael Beah, who was inspired by foreign rap music, but faced many difficulties along the way. As he went to a performance out of their village, rebels came into his village, and destroyed everything, even his family. When he returned, he saw the ruined village filled with dead bodies.
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Furthermore, Ishmael explain that revenge does not bring victory upon a person, but to keep getting hatred from others because of the sin that was caused. As one keep killing others to avenge for their families, the hatred continues on and on without an end to the massive hatred towards each other. This moral demonstrated that revenge is not an option to kill, but there are multiple ways to avenge loved ones.
Overall, A Long Way Gone demonstrates its genre of a historical fiction, and I would consider reading it again as I can almost relate to the story, to the plot of losing loved ones in a war. This book is filled with a variety of emotions that people who had migrated to a different country would understand, and those who had many losses from a war. I would recommend this book to other people because it is a story about a traumatized young kid who had to survive on his own in order to live. He had gone through many things that is incomparable to, and he had the bravery to tell the world about his story. By reading Beah’s story, people would benefit from it by understanding that war is a tragic moment in history, and they would know that many people had lost their loved ones from this tragic moment in life and