A Long Way Gone

Words: 693
Pages: 3

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah is a story of hope, courage, luck, and the injustice of our world. Ishmael’s story is only the tip of the iceberg for the injustice kids all around the world are facing. A Long Way Gone shows how love, luck, and determination is the key to survival. Love is a key to survival. Beah meets a nurse named Esther (Beah 153). Esther is the first person to ask Ishmael his name since he was a child soldier (Beah 153). As a soldier Ishmael was called “Green Snake” because of his ability to climb up into trees and take shots and hit people (Beah 144). Asking what Ishmael’s name is and making him say it was a way of claiming his identity and this was the first time we see Esther show love. Esther made Ishmael talk to her and gave him rap music back and, even though Ishmael …show more content…
Ishmael was the only child there who was apart of the war. When he had to use the elevator and was confused on how to use it while everyone else knew how to use it was a moment that reminded the reader of where Ishmael came from (Beah 187). Even though Ishmael was living in the city with his uncle, he was still Ishmael from Mattru Jong and that was who he was. Physically he was a long way gone, but deep within him was the young, carefree boy who played soccer and performed and danced to rap music with his friends, but he was determined to go forward. He was determined to help make a change and help other people in the middle of war zones, especially children who were brainwashed into fighting. Determination got Ishmael through all of the horrid things he had to witness and take part in.
The keys to survival are love, luck, and determination. Ishmael is one of many child soldier in the world. This book is a reminder of them and their story. It is also a reminder of how strong the human will can be. Life can change in a second, but people can make it through and it is possible to survive most every