A Man In Mali Summary

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A man in Mali tells stories to kings about their ancestors in history so they can serve as an example. The very prominent figure he talks about is the father of the country, Sundiata who was one of the last great conquerors. Sundiata‚Äôs father liked righteous men in particular as well as hunters. A hunter had approached him one day so he invited him in for dinner. This hunter came to deliver a very strange message though and told him that a woman will come into his life soon that he must bear a child with to pass the throne onto. He left as two other hunters came up to him who were also invited in for having righteousness. These two hunters also say that they must marry this handmaid (the king later finds out these men are her relatives). But before he can do so he …show more content…
He went off and killed a buffalo, removed its tail and headed to the town of Do. The next morning, he went to the king as he laid his dead buffalo in the middle of town and the king then claimed him a hero. The king gave him permission to chose the lady of his choice. He saw all the beautiful women looking at him but continued to look for the handmaid whose name was Sogolon Kedjou. He found her in the back sitting alone and took her hang claiming that was the woman he wanted. Everyone bursted out laughing as well as the king. The king of Mali just left back to his town. He planned their wedding and the town gathered around to celebrate and dance. Sogolon began to cry as she kept thinking how terrible this was. She would now be owned by the king and no longer a free woman anymore. One of the elders though encouraged her that she would like being the queen everyone looked up to and she would be able to see her children grow. They finally married and that night the king tried to possess her but she constantly refused and would move away. The king was exhausted in trying and a griot came up to him asking him the next morning what the matter