A Manual: Security Measures And Affect Operating Methods

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Key points
This manual includes security measures and correct operating methods. For personal safety, please make sure to read this manual before using. Thank you!
The machine adopts capacitive touch screen, you can just touch it by finger or click with capacitive pen for operation. (Never use the sharp objects to click the screen, or the touch screen may be damaged).
Do not put the device at any high temperature, high humidity or dusty place.
Do not drop or crash the device to prevent the violent impacting between the display and the capacitive touch screen. Or the customers have to take the consequence by themselves.
Please choose the suitable volume and never make the too loud volume .If you feel uncomfortable please turn down the volume or stop to use the device soon.
Please charge if you meet those situations as below:
A Low battery on the battery icon.
B The system turns off automatically.
C The keys do not work.
D “
” is battery charging.
Note :Don’t use the different type charger or it may make the device burned. We assume no liability for the damage.
Please contact with our agent if you need the original adaptor.
In the charging process the device may be warning up a little (not too hot), this is normal, and it won’t effect functions.
Do not disconnect the device while formatting, downloading or uploading, or it may make the error.
Our company won’t bear the duty for the loss of the memory erasing on account of the damage, repair or some other reason.
Please operate the device according to the user manual rightly and backup the important data in time.
Do not dismantle this device by yourself, and do not polish it with alcohol, dilution, or benzene.
Do not use this device where electronics is forbidden, such as on the airplane.
Do not use this device while walking and driving, avoiding traffic accident.
USB is for transferring data but NOT for charging.
Virus can damage this device. So please use proper computer antivirus and keep it updated.
For any support needed for this device please contact the company or the authorized distributor. Any unauthorized dismantling of the device will make the warranty null and void.
We reserve the right to keep the change of the products, the specification and design is subject to change without notice!

Packing List:
Please check box for the following items
1. Device
2. User Manual
3. Product Warranty
4. Power Adaptor
5. USB Cable
6. OTG Cable
7. Earphone
Other accessories can be purchased at local retailers
The accessories may not be compatible with other devices

Power Adaptor Specification:
INPUT: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A

Device description
Touch screen You can click and drag in the touch screen.
Camera You can take photos and videos etc..
Volume- Turn down the volume.
Volume+ Turn up the volume.
BACK: Return to the previous page.
Keep pressing button over 2 seconds for power on/ off, press button once to turn on screen from sleep mode .
Earphone jack: 3.5mm standard earphone jack.
Micro USB,Micro-5pin connector
DC jack: Connect the power cable to charge to the device.
Reset: Reset the device.
Micro SD card SD card slot.



1. When the battery is low, it will power off automatically.
2. Shutdown illegally, when you restart, device would scan and repair the disk. The screen will stay at the progress bar for a long time .

The pictures in the user manual are just for your reference, about the “

” item, please according to the real products.

Setting up for the first time
Charging your device
For first-time use, you need to charge the device for ten hours.
After that you can recharge the device as needed.
Connect the DC-in jack to your device and plug the AC adapter into any AC outlet.
1. This device adopts built-in polymer battery. Only the specified charger should be used.
2. It is normal for the device’s surface to become warm during charging or long