A Marketing Plan for Twg Tea to Enter China Market Essay

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A marketing plan for TWG Tea to enter China market

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Executive Summary 3
1.0 Introduction 4 1.1 Product background 4 1.2 Company background 4 1.3 Country background 4

2.0 Business Evnrionment 5 2.1 PESTEL analysis 5 2.2 SWOT analysis 6 2.3 Market analysis 8

3.0 Marketing strategy 8 3.1 Objectives 8 3.2 Target market 8 3.3 Positioning 8 3.4 Marketing mix 8 3.4.1 Product 9 3.4.2 Price 9 3.4.3 Place 10 3.4.4 Promotion 10

4.0 Implement and control 11 4.1 Implement 11 5.2 Control and evaluation 12

5.0 Conclusion 12
6.0 Reference 14

Executive Summary

This marketing plans aims to help TWG Tea, a
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Economic: As the largest developing country in the world, apart from more than 100 billion dollars foreign direct investments, this country has enjoyed a rapid growth of national economy, a growth rate of 6% in GDP at average in the past ten years. According to related statistics, per income for individuals in this country has reached 6,000 RMB Yuan which indicates relatively strong buying power of customers (Liu & Wang, 2014).

Social: Tea has been an important part of Chinese culture. Drinking tea is regarded as an important type of cultural experience which can help people to refresh themselves and improve spiritual conditions through in-depth and independent thinking practices during the time of drinking tea (Ann-Marie & Sally, 2010). It is almost a daily drinking menu at every household in China. However, widening wealth gap actually makes only few people in this country affordable for luxury goods.

Technological: China enjoys fast wireless accesses. Advanced technologies in the telecommunication industry enable Chinese consumers to search various kinds of information of the product they want (Gu, 2011). The government has invested much on the technological innovations in agriculture sector which not only helps to improves productivity of tea but also ensures sufficient and high quality raw materials for TWG to