A Need Met

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A Need Met
Xiomara B. Torres
DeVry University

A Need Met Picture student without a computer! The professor will not take that as an excuse for not turning in assignments. With the expansion of technology most college student are required to have a computer in order to complete their assignments. When deciding to attend college, the need of a computer is the first step in striving for success. Cylton, Timothy, and Terrance are three college students attending the University of the Virgin Island. The three all have a Toshiba Laptop that they call a great choice. Considering the testimony of the three, a Toshiba Laptop is expected to accomplish task, last long, and to have a user friendly interface.
One major reason for purchasing a Toshiba laptop is to get school tasks accomplished. School task such as research, essays, and projects, requires the device to provide a handful of ability. The function to explore Google Chrome and Internet Explorer allows a person to find information with a variety of search engine. Common search engine are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn, and many more. In that case, it allows student to work efficiently on project and research paper. Emails provide the user to send and receive information, whether that is an assignment or document that can be attached, questions, or verification from or to the Professors. Websites can be accessed for various reasons such as notification from school, important messages, school websites, and update information. In addition, the use of the program Microsoft Office is very important. Documents need to be done on a program that is use among Professors, student, and workers. Microsoft Office can be installed on the computer to provide the completion of documents. For documents, there is Microsoft Word, PowerPoint for presentation, Excel for spreadsheet, and Office Picture Manager. These all come in handy and are great help. Other reasons put into consideration, is the need of a computer that would last long. Computers are a huge investment for college student or anyone. To worry less about constantly getting a new one, most people buy from a reliable brand such as Toshiba. Therefore, from the time the laptop is purchased there should be no complication to complain about. Indeed, Cylton mentioned that his Toshiba has been working fine for the three years he has owned one. Terrance, on the other hand, faced difficulties two times but it was due to error he committed himself. He managed to get it repaired quickly and at a convenient price. It was a relief to him because his final project was due on the same week. Though, a 12-month warranty is all Toshiba provides, extra year insurance can be added against damages. A Toshiba Laptop offers enough processing power to complete many office tasks. Incredibly, if smartphones or other devices are USB-based it can be charged while your laptop is off. The feature Timothy is flabbergasted about is that it doesn’t take much time to charge but take very long to get uncharged. On the desktop there is the ability to check the status of the Battery Health, System Power Consumption, Remaining Charge, CPU Temperature, Fan Speed and Status of Hard Drive. It lets the users know how well each is performing and if anything is wrong.
Indeed, a laptop with a user friendly interface is one of the most important qualities a person should look for. It is easy to understand, navigate, and use efficiently. The menu on the screen and shortcut icons with vivid bright colors easily represents the program that is being looked for. There are key commands that help a person navigate quickly especially when going back and forth between programs, project, and web pages. Meanwhile, part of the user friendly interface includes the ability to learn how to use the Toshiba laptop if it is desired. There is a Help Option that explains how to do things and answer questions or concerns. There is also a fantastic helpful