A Note On Gay Marriage

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Louise: Today we are representing the laboural party. Were we aim to make Australia a better place

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Jessica: Theresa Le is our political party leader and will be begin talking to you about our policies.

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Today there is still a hefty pay gap between men and the woman of Australia, the gap has widened by .70 of a percentage point. Refusing to vote for us will leave generations of women who are entering the workforce today a career of lower earnings. We propose to put forward a legislation against gender pay gaps.

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Louise: Why can't homosexual couples be allowed to celebrate their commitment in the same fashion as heterosexual couples? We propose to put forward a legislation legalising gay marriage. Not only will Australia become a healthier and equal country but legalisinggay marriage would further Australia's faltering retail and tourism industries by billions. Gay marriage would also lessen the amount of children in foster care and put them in stable homes as it would become easier for them to adopt. Marriage should not be limited by religious objections to gay marriage and today we are standing up to it. Legalising gay marriage will not effect our society in a negative manner but in fact a positive manner. We aim to further and modernise Australia.

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As the Australian population grows, the necessity to provide more health facilities is increasing. Our aim is to provide health facilities and services that meet the needs of all Australians. We plan to provide:
More high quality and efficient health care services, community health services, including mental health, oral health and ambulance services.
Residential and rehabilitative care for older people as well as supporting and assisting