A Note On Grandma And Grandma

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To whom this may concern. Well I don’t really know what to write. I’m writing this on April 11 12:47pm.
Grandma and Grandpa- I love you guys so much but sometimes it was too much. I asked for therapy but you would take me unless I told you why and I didn’t want to tell you why because you guys judge way too much. But please do not think this is any of your fault because it’s not I just lost a war with myself. I love you guys so much. At my funeral make sure no one wears black. I don’t want it to be a sad day. Stay strong for me<3
Mom- You did so much for me. Im so grateful for you to be my mother for 14 years. You did the best you could for me. You were the best mom in the world. Im sorry that I always fought with you and jeff. I just didn’t know how to handle things.. Just know that I did NOT do this because of you. I want to be buried next to you mom I love you.I love you stay strong, keep my brothers and sister safe<3
Hailey and the kids- Im sorry that I will not be there to see you get to highschool and im sorry that I wont be able to graduate with you Austin and aaron. You guys were the best family that anyone could ever have. Tim you were a great big brother! I hope you do good in school and make sure you keep you life good , stay out of trouble. I hope all of your dreams come true love you guys<3
Friends- My 2 best friends. Hailey and Jordan. You guys were always there for me. Hailey me and you have been best friends since like 1st grade. We are like 2 peas in a pod! We always had a great time together. L love you! I will be watching over you. I hope you keep with