A Note On Monotheism

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Description | | | Term | | | belief in one god; Judaism is the first | monotheism | belief in many gods; Hinduism | polytheism | past deeds will determine the future; Hinduism | karma | holy book of Judaism | Torah | holy book of Islam | Quran/Koran | holy book of Christianity | The Bible (Old--from Judaism--and New Testament) | holy book of Hinduism | Vedas | God's son Jesus is call the _________. | messiah | Given to Moses on the mountain; rules to follow | 10 Commandments | holy war predicted by Muslims | jihad | Christians belief of the father, son, and holy spirit | trinity | Muslim belief: fasting, prayer, pilgrimage, alms to poor, and faith in Allah | Five Pillars | Holy month for Muslims; no eating from sun up to sun down | Ramadan | Hindu belief in many lives; can also apply to Buddhism | reincarnation | class system for Hinduism; from untouchable to Brahmins | caste system | Buddhist beliefs: suffering exists; material desires cause suffering; get rid of desires and no more suffering; reach nirvana | Four Noble Truths | Buddhist belief--8 steps towards ending suffering | Eightfold Path | Buddha; when you understand the meaning of life you have become ___________. | Enlightened | ultimate goal for Buddhists is to reach __________. | Nirvana | Religious war among German princes; Protestants vs. Catholics; ended with the Peace of Augsburg | Thirty Years War | only Christian church during the Middle Ages in western Europe | Catholic Church | speaking out against the Catholic Church; Galileo was accused of this and brought before the Inquisition | heresy | Italian word for rebirth of Greek and Roman culture | Renaissance | belief led by Erasmus; forcus on individual and study of the classical Greek and Roman culture | humanism | invention which allowed the spread of the Renaissance and Reformation; developed by Gutenberg | printing press | Catholics could buy these pardon from sins; Martin Luther hated these | indulgences | merchants did not like the Catholic belief that you should not charge interest when lending money, also known as __________. | usury | Luther nailed these on a church door; protests against the Catholic Church | 95 Theses | Calvin's belief that God has already chosen who would be let into heaven | predestination | Church of England created by Henry VIII | Anglican | Catholic church group that punished those who spoke out against the Church; condemned Galileo | the Inquisition | Catholic attempt to stop people from leaving the church | Counter-Reformation | group set up during the Catholic Counter-Reformation; tried to convert people to Catholism | Jesuits | three reasons for exploration | God, Glory, and Gold | to travel around the globe; first done by Magellan, then Drake | circumnavigate | major trade product from Asia | spices | Spanish conqueror like Cortez and Pizarro | conquistador | European settlement; American was this to England | colony | global trade between eastern and western hemispheres | Columbian Exchange | slaves worked on these in the new world | plantations | term for gold and silver during the Age of Exploration | bullion | 3 legs of trade between Africa, New World, and Europe | Triangular trade | leg of triangular trade when slaves were brought from Africa to the New World | Middle Passage | major crop of the Caribbean | sugar cane | many Native Americans died because Europeans brought this to the New World | Diseases | Spanish laws which forced Native Americans into a kind of slavery | encomiendas | belief that the power of rule came by God; Louis, Peter, Frederick, and the Stuarts believed in this | divine right | type of monarch who has complete power | absolute | French Protestants