A Note On Our Lady Of Confirmation

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Kelsey P. Lazaga
Ms. Wenzell
13 September 2013 Confirmed Ever since I was in first grade, I went to Our Lady of Mercy Church in Daly City every other Saturday for Catholic Christian Doctrine classes for about seven years. I honestly thought it was uninteresting for me, but it helped me to learn about my religion. Nothing really hit me until the last year. We had to go through pre confirmation procedures before we could actually be confirmed and recollection day was one of them. During that day, we met up with our guardians, but my guardian never made it to any of my meetings because he lived in Vallejo. It was very hard for him to commute from one place to another, and made me felt like the odd one in the whole group, since almost everyone had their guardian beside them. I felt like I was never apart of anything. But it taught me how to be confident and do things on my own, instead of other students answering questions with their guardian. The day of recollection changed my view of life. The whole events made me feel so uncomfortable, talking about what goes on in our homes, to how we feel about the church. But at the same time it made me learn how to just tell people how you strongly feel, and it was something I needed to work on. I thought everything that we had to do was pointless, but I also felt so close to my religion. I felt like recollection day and confirmation