A Note On Weight Loss

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Top Apps To Help You Lose

+ In todays high technology world there are a huge variety of apps that can be utilized to help you be successful on your weight lose journey. From apps to track your food and exercise to ones that help you make the right choices when shopping or eating out.
Here are 5 apps that I found to be popular and quite helpful…. Come on guys lets add our coffee to our food tracker.


Lose It!

This app allows you to set goals track what you eat easily adding food with a scan features and allows you to connect with friends who can hold you accountable. +


This app prides it self with making exercise fun! If you have to work out why not try and make it interesting.

You can compete with friends & coworkers, earn rewards, get support, lose weight, and track your progress. +

Weight Watchers

This is a great app for those people using weight watchers.
• Get motivation, support and advice from a
Weight Watchers-certified Coach anytime, anywhere with 24/7 Expert Chat.
• Track your food, weight and activity with our easy-to-use tools.
• Search thousands of foods, meals, restaurants and recipes.
• Play with our fun, interactive Cheat Sheets to find the best bets on the menu.
• Use our Barcode Scanner to find out the nutrition info on favorite foods before they go in your grocery cart.
• Add customized meals or recipes.
• Track multiple foods at once with our multi-add feature. • Find a Weight Watchers Meeting near you.