A Note On Workplace Violence

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Department: ENGR
Course Number: 4381
Course Name: Safety and Violence
Prof. Albert V. Condello III
Term: Spring 2014:1/13-5/10
CRN: 21792

This information does not constitute all course policies; students are responsible for all course requirements established by their instructors during the semester and all institutional policies as established in the UHD student handbook.
Learning Objectives
Violence and Safety (Workplace Violence Prevention)
Spring 2014 (Crn# 21792)
ENGR 4381
Catalog Description: Violence and Safety (3-3-0)
This course will teach what are the major causes and types of workplace violence, their warning signs and how to prevent it. Upon completion of this learning event, the participants will demonstrate knowledge of workplace violence, the different types and sources, and the methods used to prevent workplace violence according to OSHA recommendations and other sources. The design of this course will assist the employer when dealing with various Federal, State and Local Criminal Laws.
Prerequisite(s): Junior-year standing.

Course Objective: Course provides a comprehensive overview of the workplace security issues and the aspects of workplace violence.
Expected Course Outcomes:
1. Students will develop an understanding of the mechanisms used to provide a secure workplace for the workforce.
2. Students will describe in writing the safe guards use to provide workplace security. 3. Students will extract information regarding workplace security and be able to identify security hazard.
4. Students will describe verbally and in writing the potential health of not providing a secure workplace.
5. Students will delineate in writing the common areas of concern regarding workplace violence.
6. Students must be able to identify areas of concern regarding violence and those that perpetrate it.
7. Students will gain the skills to address security and violence prevention techniques.
8. Students will be able to relate the “Zero Tolerance” rule as a valid corporate policy to be enforced as a safe work practices.
9. Students will be able to identify sources of assistance when dealing with workplace violence.
Course Background:
Recent statistics show that every year, about 1.7 million U.S. residents are victims of workplace violence incidents. You or someone you know could be involved in workplace violence at anytime, anywhere.
This course will give you a basic understanding of what constitutes workplace violence, the warning signs to watch for, and what you and others around you can do to prevent it. If you have specific reasons for taking this course, keep them in mind as you proceed through the program.
Overall Objectives:
In this course, you will learn about the various types of workplace violence, risk factors associated with workplace violence, the roles of various groups of people in workplace violence prevention and components of workplace violence prevention programs.
Major Assignments
Course Requirements:
The students in this course will be given two examinations (Midterm & Final Exams), which will account 40% of their grade. Students will be asked to design as a final project a program to address workplace security and violence in the workplace based upon the scenario provided in the description of the final project. This will account for 30% of their grade. Other assignments and participation in the discussions will account for the remainder 30%.
Major Assignment / Final Project:
You are being asked to assimilate the information that has been gained from this course to set up a facility, property, and worker security program that will protect and be a deterrent to any breach of security or aspect of violence. The drawing provided is the general physical structure of the company’s property. Feel free to alter the drawing except for buildings, parking lots, and roads. The company has an administrative building and a manufacturing operation on the