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Literary Analysis


To most people this story is either boring or they think that it has no point. Me on the other hand, I personally enjoyed the concept of this story. A young boy in lust over a girl who the first time he sees he is not acting like himself. He is distracted at his cash register wondering when she is going to come around the corner with her friends. As if she wasn’t just pretty, she and her friends were wearing nothing but there bathing suits. There is nothing like having a love at first sight, someone that you feel that you would do anything for in the heat of the moment. Sammy’s seems to feel that for the prettiest of all three girls that have entered the A&P Grocery Store that Thursday afternoon. It’s the simple fact that Sammy quits his job to try and impress a girl that he doesn’t even know and seems to be way out of his class. After all she is out running around in her bathing suit probably on her way to the beach with her friends while he has to work all day. He even says in the story “I wonder where the money comes from? She’s not wearing a bracelet or jewelry of any kind.” This girl that Sammy refers to as Queenie, is also at the store to by Herring Snacks, which are a type of fancy raw fish that most generally wealthy people eat. He also wonders what it would be like to attend a party at her house with her kind of people. Queenie also appears to be a leader. She walks between the two other girls as she is showing how to carry themselves in public. She carries the money in her bathing suit top and is most likely put on a pedestal at home. Her friends seem to follow her as she moves throughout the store. She also lets the manager be aware what she thought about him telling her that she was not “decent.” She has probably never been spoken to that way before, nor been embarrassed like before either. She just had to pick up one item for her mother and be on her way out the store and back home to the party they were having. Sammy is trying to impress Queenie by quitting his job to defend her. She unfortunately did not hear the conversation between him and the manager that had yelled at them. They were in a big hurry to leave. As Sammy states “who'd blame them for wanting to get out of the store fast?.” He was hoping that Queenie would think of him as a strong man, hero like, and would want to talk to him. She doesn’t even hear him quit his job or anything so when leaving outside he thinks to himself this is the beginning of my life and I just quit my