A Pair Of Tickets By Amy Tan Analysis

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An Analysis on the Chinese Culture: All Within Jing Mei's Blood

What does it mean to be an American? As a nation of immigrants, there should not be stereotypical characteristics of an American. Identifying someone as American by his or her appearance can be a difficult task when the United States is a home to many diverse groups. Feeling American can be as simple as freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, or the right to vote. These qualities can be found in the United States, while citizens can still choose to practice their culture. Therefore, he or she can implement both heritages to their daily lives. Amy Tan, the author of The Joy Luck Club, which is her first novel, including sixteen short story chapters including the final chapter, “A Pair of Tickets.” In the story, Jing Mei and her father travel to China to meet her father’s aunt and her half twin sisters. As Jing Mei travels, she reflects to later that year when a letter had arrived from the twins addressed to her mother, Suyuan, explaining that they were still alive. Although, the twins did not know that her mother had just recently passed away due to a blood
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Jing Mei reflects her sophomore year of high school claim that she was not Chinese. By taking this journey, to meet her twin sisters, Jing Mei fulfills many wishes of her mother. Tan’s fictional work helps readers see a perspective in a different world where an individual struggle to see their identity. The trip helps Jing Mei understand that China has many similarities to the United States, the features and actions of her mother within herself, and a comprehend what it means to be Chinese. If one struggles to see his or her heritage within themselves, the best way to resolve this problem would be to step out of their comfort zone and view it from a different