A Partial Rememberance of a Puerto Rican Childhood Analysis Essays

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In "A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood," Judith Cofer accomplishes three powerful achievements: she gives details on the stories of her family experiences, shows her family stories in a strong imaginative language, and points out how family stories can take over a person's life. This essay seems to be very tricky because she goes from one story to another. Cofer's claim would be very difficult to understand if she started with one story; instead, she should finish explaining the initial story before moving on to the next one. Instead, Cofer shows how a woman can potentially go crazy if her man mistreats her.
The essay is divided into thirteen paragraphs, each separated numerically, which makes it difficult to decipher each
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Later, he wants to divorce her, but he would only pay for the child support. The husband seems to be cruel because he didn’t care for her. He treated her like he will her throw away, after he’s done using her. In this case, Cofer and I are aware how men use women as objects.
She seems to warn the readers that women are harmed by men. She shows when a woman is having trouble with marriage and can be violent: "she had married an ignorant and abusive widower" (68). Sometimes a troubled marriage can lead to violence. Women regard marrying an arrogant and a physically abusive human because women don‘t see their true self. My friend Lara married this guy named Jeffrey and she did not have a happy life together. They know each other for one month and they want to get married. When they got married, Jeffrey attitude started to change and he was hitting her too much that she almost fainted. It seems that she don't want people to experience what she went through.
In paragraph 2 of the first part, Cofers brings in "what it was like to be a woman, more specifically, a Puerto Rican woman" (66). She didn't explain enough; instead she changed to another topic. Another similarity is how she said "Laura was seventeen and already engaged. Maria was only seventeen when it happened to her" (67). Different marriages are being compared to each other, to Cofer; we can see how she changes the topic to connect to each other. We can assume marriage is not the