A Perfect Constitution Essay

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A More Perfect Constitution Begins with Congressional Term Limits

Professor Larry Sabato is the founder of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia presents 23 proposals to revitalize our Constitution and Make America a Fairer Country. His book provides insight for a hard fought debate. Whether you like his suggestions or not or you agree with him or not, you have to respect anyone that can outwardly state that the United States Constitution as it has been handed down is “outdated.” This quest for reform I’m sure would anger many political conservatives who believe that the Constitution that we know today, is not in need of any reform, and is just the true document that is has always been and should remain.

There a few
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The 100 Senators serve staggered six-year terms.

The proposals outlined by Sabato would reshape Congress. The Senate would be a more representative body, with heavily populated states adding seats. The upper legislative chamber would also be a place to harness the experience and talents of former presidents and vice presidents. The House would be redistricted to build in more electoral competition, the size of the House would be expanded considerably to draw congressman and constituent closer together.

It didn’t take long after opening this book and beginning to read that I began to see how some of these proposals for reform would affect the United States as we know it today, especially as we began to pick apart the possibilities of reforming the one area that is responsible for passing laws of the land. So lets take a look at how the Congress would be affected by Professor Sabato’s proposal in Creating a New Capital Congress. In the words of Larry Sabato “It's not hard to discern how most Americans look at Congress.

Whether in public opinion polls or person-in-the-street interviews, citizens regard the national legislators the way they would disliked relatives: They know they have to live with them, but they hope to have as little contact as possible. Can Congress blame us for feeling this way? Year after year, the Congress seems hopelessly deadlocked on issues of immediate concern to the country. “

We the People in order to form a more Perfect Union,