A Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective

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Essay 2
A Personalised induction will always be more effective. Discuss

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In this essay I will describe what a personal induction is and how it is composed then discuss the reasoning behind why they may be more effective for clients seeking change via hypnosis rather than using standard generic inductions. I will also look at some of the potential issues surrounding personal inductions before drawing a conclusion.

But first we need to look in a bit more detail as to how they work and why they may be helpful in helping the client achieve their aim.

It is has been stated that when we communicate with people only 7% of the communication is made up from the words we speak and the remaining 93% is
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They are sensitive to any noise that is obtrusive to them and are unable to concentrate if sounds around them were not to their liking. They prefer work and pastimes that involve hearing, words or listening.

Their choice of words may be; listen, hear, sound, say, discuss.

In phrases such as; “I’m all ears”, “that sounds good”, “loud and clear”.

They tend to speak in a melodious tone and at a pace between the visual and kinaesthetic person. Their breathing tends even to be centred in the middle of the chest

They are good listeners and often will put their head to one side as they listen.

3. Kinaesthetic
Kinaesthetic people tend to be empathetic. They are the ones who can "feel" a person’s emotions and can tune into moods quickly. Even if the person is displaying a smile a kinaesthetic person will be able to "feel" the hidden emotion if the smile is false. They tend to touch everything and will gladly ignore clutter if the place "feels" right as they simply don’t see it.

Their choice of words may be; touch, solid, grasp, hard, cool, move

In phrases such as; “I know how you feel”, “kick some ideas around”, “put you finger on it”.

They may speak in a soft low tone with pauses in their speech. They may breathe deeply from their abdomens.

They tend to have rounded shoulders and a more relaxed body posture.

These are the