A Piece Of Cake Summary

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A Piece of Cake, written by Cupcake Brown, is a memoir focused on the average life of an African-American girl that takes a turn into drug and alcohol abuse as an adult. As a child, Cupcake received all the necessities needed for a happy lifestyle, up until the early age of eleven years old, when Cupcake found her mother deceased in her bedroom. Cupcake’s mother was a single parent, in which they shared a close relationship. After the traumatic death of her mother, Cupcake was sent to stay with the man she knew to be her father, until her biological father, Mr. Burns, stepped in to claim full custody of Cupcake and her older brother Larry. Neither Cupcake nor Larry knew of Mr. Burns’ existence until the custody case. Although the children were …show more content…
Burns only wanted custody of his children in efforts to gain control of their trust fund left behind by their mother. To his surprise, there would be no access to the children’s trust found until their eighteenth birthday. Cupcake’s Uncle Jr. was the sole attorney to their funds until they were able to gain full access themselves. Immediately, Mr. Burns turned the two children over to Dianne, who would be Cupcake’s and Larry’s foster mother for the next few years. Dianne had two other children of her own, Connie and Peter. Within the first day of their arrival, Cupcake and Larry received both physical and verbal abuse. Cupcake’s first exposure to alcohol occurred in Dianne’s household. She was given liquor from Dianne and Peter; and was sexually abused by Peter under Dianne’s command. There would be many occurrences to where Peter would rape Cupcake until his departure to the military. Cupcake ran away multiple times to escape the torture of Dianne, to only be returned a few days later. During her episodes of running away, Cupcake would run into contact of harsh drugs and behaviors, including prostitution, marijuana, cocaine, liquor, and cigarettes. Cupcake would indulge in drugs without questioning their effects first. After returning to Dianne’s, Cupcake learned she was pregnant, later having a miscarriage due to a brutal beating by Connie and the other foster