A Pragmatic Proposal

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A Pragmatic Proposal
A proposal to invade china and kill all to prevent the United States from entering a depression because of the upcoming fiscal cliff in December 2012

America's leaders aren't leading and the damage is mounting. Citizens have complained for years about Washington's squabbling children, who would rather stamp their feet and hold their breath than resolve momentous issues of economic policy. The government officials cannot work together to get their job done. I cannot understand why it is so difficult for the members of our government to compromise. If conservative members of Congress continue to toe the party line, refuse common sense negotiations and hold middle class tax relief hostage to tax cuts for the wealthy, they will be ignoring the will of voters and the impact on working families, including African Americans, will be profound. Also, if liberal members of congress cannot work to decrease their spending, then the impact of the rich votes will decrease. The games are childish, but the resulting suffering is serious: Millions can't find work, confidence withers, growth slows, and the self-reinforcing upward spiral that makes an economy grow cannot get going largely because our supposed leaders won't grow up. The unemployment rate is more than seven percent and it is constantly growing. It seems as if government officials are doing nothing about these circumstances that we are in. The economy cannot grow if people are not working to stimulate it. While the unemployment rate is growing, the national debt is rising at an even faster level. More people are becoming skeptical of what the government can really do about this state we are falling into. This situation is affecting people all over the country. Soon, the country will get their selves in a position they cannot get out of. I see that many are suffering in this country and they can do little to nothing about it. I have a dream that someday the United States government will find a way to work together to fix the economy, but cutting back on social security will not even help pay half of the national debt. Many thoughts build up about raising taxes on the rich, but that will not help no better than cutting the back on social security. I still have dreams that young Americans will rule the world, but that will never happen if china is still on the map. I propose to invade China in full force and conquer all. Gather up all available troops to kill and dominate the country. No one will ever hear about china after this attack. They will be blown off of the map and never heard of again. The land that is left will be owned by the United States of America. In addition to invading the country, we will take every penny earned, left over, and sitting in banks that the Chinese ever had. China is the most expensive country in the world. Considering that China is worth more than the United States, the money in circulation in China will help an extravagant amount of Americans in the U.S. As seen I the years, the poor bear a heavier burden than rich in every state except Vermont. One fifth of Alabama families making less than 13,000 pay almost eleven percent of their income, compared to those who make 229,000 or more. Also, fifty percent of the country gets benefits without paying for them. So these things are paid for mostly by the bottom ninety percent of wage earners. Moreover, our debt to China is approximately $1.16 trillion dollars. That is nearly fifteen thousand in debt for the average American family in America. This is not including the total national debt of sixteen trillion. If we demolish china and take their money than our debt owed by the United States government will disappear. This will help us quite a bit considering that our national debt is 16 trillion. Furthermore, the government can use the rest on the money to pay off debts and stimulate the economy. This is the only way things will work. The