A Precious Life Essay

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A Precious Life
“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”
-Mother Teresa It's not always an easy procedure. Depending on what kind is performed, one can be in and out within fifteen minutes, or, three days. The whole procedure is painful, both physically and psychologically. Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion (4). In America, there are about 1.37 million abortions performed each year, and about 115,00 every day (2). Should America legalize this in all states? Abortion is a sad and wrong decision. It is physically harmful, mentally harmful, and completely immoral. Abortion should be outlawed in all of America, the world, and all human kind. There are many physical consequences to abortion. One of the most common trends being found is the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer has risen by 50% in America since abortion became legal in 1973 (3). Obviously this isn't the direct cause of breast cancer, but is it a coincidence that both have risen in these years? During pregnancy, the cells in a woman's breast are rapidly reproducing and then reduce as a woman breastfeeds after giving birth. When the pregnancy is terminated, the cells have nowhere to go. Though it hasn't been scientifically shown that abortion is the cause of breast cancer, there is a significant correlation (1). Sterility is another risk. Many parts of the woman's reproductive system may have been rendered weak, and she can become infertile (2).There is a three to five percent chance of becoming sterile after abortion. Even though it isn't a high-chance percentage, it should be enough to scare someone. In a normal birth, an ecotopic pregnancy is possible. An ecotopic pregnancy is one that occurs outside the uterus. It will rupture if not found soon enough. This can cause bleeding that leads to death of the mother also. The chance becomes greater after every child. After having an abortion, though, the woman is eight to 20 times more likely to have an ecotopic pregnancy (1). These are only a few of the physical risk factors of abortion. Like physical consequences, mental issues can last a whole life, but, seem to have a greater toll on women. Physical risks can be predicted and warned about. But no one will tell a girl that she could have nightmares, or depression, or suicidal thoughts. The doctor is responsible for informing the woman of the physical risks, but they tend to skim through the mental part. No, an already immoral doctor is not going to seriously warn of these devastations. Seventy-four percent of women obtaining abortions say that having a baby would dramatically change their life (3). They should of thought of that while they were having sex. Imagine the night after having an abortion: lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, knowing a life has just been ended. How depressing...At conception, the eggs begin splitting and forming the unborn (4). Knowing this, knowing there is life in that egg, the mental issues begin at day one. Having an abortion is something that a woman can never forget. Stories can always be heard about the many women that have even led themselves to substance abuse to get rid of the pain in their mind. It is a never-ending cycle that will continue to tear a woman down. America has decisions to be made. It's imperative that this country remembers its forefathers and where this land came from. With that comes the moral obligations that were held at high standards to the creators of our free land. They wanted a country where everyone had freedoms that the people chose, but they would be disgusted to see how America's moral standards have dropped, are dropping, and will continue to fall. Never, in modern times, has the state granted to one citizen the absolute legal right to have another killed in order to solve their own personal, social or economic problem (2). This shouldn't have changed. Now woman