A Raisin In The Sun Literary Criticism

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Project #2 Drama Literary Criticism Analyzing allows me to connect with an author and the story that they are telling. In the play I connected with how the author spoke through her words and the examples she used when describing how the family was struggling. I could relate to how the characters in the play were struggling through the rough times and had to overcome those struggles. For A Raisin in the Sun, I chose the historical theory to help me analyze acts one and two. The author wrote the play about her life and in her times there were many hardships that came with being black. First, Ruth Younger does more than what most women would do in 1950’s – she spoke out and wanted change against the norms that everyone had been following …show more content…
Mama never gave up, she stressed it enough to her children to value family and to stick together. Most of the time it was the man of the house to take control and guide a family that was emotionally distressed but Mama is one of the main reasons that the story promotes feminist ideals.
The story was written in a time of segregation and at a time where racism existed more than now. I believe if the story was written in 2016, then it would have had more diversity in it. The family could have been deciding to move to a neighborhood that was filled with Hispanics, Latinos, or even Asians, not just Caucasians. The Youngers would have experienced an easier time getting a new house and living in a time where people did not so much about the color of their skin.
In conclusion, while analyzing this story I learned much more about how mothers were back in the 50’s even though they had hardships like money and racism to face. The mothers never gave up hope and wanted see their family succeed. In the play, I analyzed for feminism and historical theory – both helped me understand the author clearly and the point she was trying to get