A Raisin In The Sun Mama Character Analysis

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In the play A Raisin in the Sun, the character Mama chooses to buy their family a new house. By doing so she causes conflict between family members and the people in the neighborhood since they are all white. Buying the house makes Mama brave because a lot of conflict came along with that choice. The Youngers had received $10,000 of insurance money from Big Walter’s death and the family had many ways to spend it such as on Beneatha’s medical school, or Walter’s liquor store. But at the time the family was depressed since Walter and Beneatha were fighting about how to spend the money. “That money belongs to Mama, Walter, and it’s for her to decide how she wants to use it.”(19). So when the money arrives Mama goes out and buys a house to rejuvenate the happiness in …show more content…
Now since Mama has told their family Ruth will likely keep her child when they move in. “Hallelujah and goodbye misery! [..] She laugh joyously, having practically destroyed the apartment, and flings her arms up and lets them come down happily, slowly, reflectively, over her abdomen.”(73). Meanwhile Walter is mad because buying the house takes away money from reaching his dream of a liquor store. “You butchered up a dream of mine-you.”(74). Ruth keeps elaborating on how happy she is about moving. “All I can say is [...] goodbye, to these cracking walls, these marching roaches!”(73). Making this move shows just how brave Mama can be because the white people in Clybourne don't want them in their neighborhood. “What do you think you are going to gain by moving into a neighborhood where you just aren't wanted”(92). Walter also assures to Lindner that they will cause no harm to their neighbors. “We don't want to make no trouble for nobody or fight no causes-but we will try to be good neighbors.”(121). In the selection Mama is a very courageous when she decides to acquire a house in a white neighborhood where their family isn't wanted and unsure how her family would react to that