A Raisin In The Sun Movie Analysis

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After watching the film A Raisin in the Sun and listening to the book being read Inoticed that there were many differences and similarities between the two. Including thesettings, characters and some of the scenes in the film and book. This short story isabout a poor family that is going through a rough time. Then they get a life insurancecheck and their family slowly starts to tear apart because each of them have a differentvision to where the money should go. This causes a lot of friction within the family andcauses them to start doing things and saying things they really don't mean. It alsoshows a small bit of how it was before segregation was really gone and how the worldworked in that point in time. So even though the story has a whole …show more content…
Those were some of the differences isaw between both the movie and the book.Now there were more similarities i thought the book and movie had throughout itall. The first one i saw was how the movie really followed the book with all the scenesand didn't really add too much and ruin the book with the movie and you couldremember parts from the movie and link them back to the book and know what's goingon. Second, the author did a good job of kinda taking the viewer or reader back in timeand seeing how life was for african americans going through a tough time. Not only withsegregation problems but also financial issues and how they overcame those problemsand how they faced the rest of the world. Last, both the movie and the book alwaysleaving you guessing with what the family may do next and it builds up some suspense,not like there's a lot of action going on but it makes you think about what you would do ifyou were in their position. The book and movie create a type of suspense that isn'tabout some crazy actions but the decisions and what they might do and how the rest ofthe family will react to that one person's decision.This story and movie wasn't just meant for entertainment in my