A Raisin In The Sun Setting Analysis

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The play “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry helped illustrate how the setting of the slum apartments of 1950’s Chicago to convey the theme of hopes, plans and dreams. Hansberry invites us into the modest condo of the Younger family. This place is truly confined, particularly with five individuals living in it. The kitchen, which is small to the point that it's more similar to a storage room The vast majority of the play's activity goes down in the lounge, which likewise fills in as the lounge area and Travis' improvised room. The latrine is out in the lobby; the Youngers are compelled to impart it to their neighbors, the Johnson's. This place is definitely little! The unimaginably lacking of elbow room of the Youngers' residence unquestionably adds to the high pressures that keep …show more content…
Southside Chicago is the place many blacks wound up in the wake of moving from the South, searching for work and looking to escape racial separation. Things were unquestionably better in the North on a considerable measure of levels, yet blacks still confronted many difficulties on account of their race. “A Raisin in the Sun appears, white society made it hard for African Americans to get away from the confined,, vermin-infested apartment structures of Chicago's Southside”.(shmoop-setting) While they were no longer slaves anymore, black people were isolated. Indeed, even after there was no more isolation, the battle for uniformity was not over; there was still separation and poverty”.(shmoop-setting) There might not have been any law authoritatively isolating the city, yet informal isolation was all the while going on. The correct year is never determined, however the play happens in the 1950s. Likely, the most critical thing to consider the extent that the day and age goes is the status of race issues.