A Review of Cigar, Whiskey and Winning Essay

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A Review of Cigars, Whiskey and Winning

Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States. In the book, “Cigar, Whiskey and Winning”, it highlights his management skills during the Civil War as he lead the Union Army to defeat the Confederate Army. When he was younger, Grant attended West Point. He was not the brightest student, but he did enjoy reading. After he graduated, he became second lieutenant in an infantry regiment. In the book it showed him taking advantages of opportunities to rise to victory. He had gotten married and began to feel like his work with the Army was not important, so he resigned from the Army. He dabbled in farming and real estate, but was not very successful in either. It further shows
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And in order to finish this project more efficiently, we would have to get along. We can disagree without being disagreeable. A lot of the times the argument is not really essential in the over all big picture of the project.
5. ”You Needn’t Be A Workaholic”
I was happy to read that I did not need to be a workaholic to be successful. I’m sure that it helps, but I’m happy to know that it is not needed. Sometimes in work and school, I will take on more than I can handle, but I will work extremely hard and sometimes not get enough rest. In the end, I feel a little disoriented and irritable. Which is not good for social relationships at school and work. So to implement this principle I will make sure I’m getting the rest that I need to be as productive as I need to be.
6. ”Create Allies”
I have realized that I cannot do everything myself. It is important to have allies and friends in different departments and areas in life that can become of benefit to me in the future, and vice versa. To implement this principle, I can go to more networking events through business resource groups and organizations on campus. They are a great way to make friends and connecting with the right people.

7. ”Cultivate A Thick Skin”
As a leader, I have to realize that I will always have critics. People will talk about me and disagree with the decisions sometimes. I would have to have a