A Rhetorical Analysis Of Driving While Stupid By Dave Barry

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Final Paper Assignment

The city with the worst drivers in the world. In the evergreen textbook, I was told to read a passage titled, “Driving While Stupid by Dave Barry”. In this passage, the writer tries to make some strong points about why he thinks Miami drivers are the worst in the world. To argue his point, he wrote about his adventures to different places around the world and his experiences on the road in these places. Dave traveled to places such as Boston, Argentina, and China but he makes it very clear that the drivers in Miami are by far the worst drivers. To make his point clear he included one critical story of what he saw while driving down I-95 in Miami. The author of this story uses out of the ordinary situations to persuade
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He leads the reader into his main argument by saying that, “My point is that I have seen plenty of insane driving techniques, and I am telling you for a fact that no place brings so many of these techniques together like Miami, where a stop sign has no more legal significance to most motorists than a mailbox.” (Barry 572) The main argument is, Miami drivers combine all the worse driving styles from around the world into one place and it is dangerous. The story that he tells is a perfect example of his main argument. His story was about a time where he was driving down I-95 and a man in a fast sports car was speeding down the road that he was on watching something on a screen he got installed into his car where his mirror should be. The man in his story was paying absolutely no attention to the road ahead of him and had all his attention on a screen, that was right in front of his face while he was driving. Dave used this because it shows a clear sign of significant danger to everyone on that road. Although he did not an example of how every single one of the driving techniques, he made sure his story portrayed how much more dangerous his experience was on I-95 in Miami.
At the end of the passage, Dave Barry adds a story he got from another person who lives in Miami and experiences the craziness on the