A Rhetorical Analysis Of Mother Tongue By Amy Tan

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I believe the author of “Mother Tongue” makes a clear and concise argument about how some Asian-Americans English can disrupt the flow of expressing themselves when conducting casual conversations and normal everyday business transactions with the limited English they possess. This admission is made by the author when talking about her own mother's “broken” English. The author also pointed out that creative writing programs are much needed in the Asian-American communities (Tan 21-23). With my distinctive research, I will be addressing the issues that surround those individuals (Asians) who have a hard time communicating effectively because of their minimal knowledge of the English language, and how they are sometimes discriminated against. There is a substantial amount of evidence that I have researched to support my claim. These key points are well connected to the author's story. For example, when the author was an adolescent, she had to “complain and yell …show more content…
Asian-Americans make up one-third of the limited English proficiency. With limited English being spoken throughout the world, makes my essay a great argumentative piece for all those who's main purpose is to apply the English language to their everyday lives. But just like everything else in the world, challenges can and will arise. With the billions of people in the world, there is only a small percentage of them who speak English fluently. This makes the challenge much more difficult to solve. Because of these challenges, it can limit the amount of receiving medical assistance and some services. There may also be some resistance from the Asians. For example, the Asians might find the English language to be too difficult to follow, becoming agitated and not acquiring the proper education needed to convey their message. This puts the complexity of communication around the world at a high