A Rose By Any Other Name

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Date: September 16th, 2013
Course: MBA753 Case: A rose by any other name

To make a better marketing strategy for rose, I would suggest Tom to create its own brand. Three reasons can be used to prove that starting to build a new brand is important. First, it is obvious that having own brand will create more opportunity in the market. Second, it can implement the next-generation digital imaging technology and attract more customers. Third, high-end printing capabilities and great trading relations can promote Rose to develop its brand.

Instead of only be a manufacturer for other retails customers, having own brand will have more opportunity to develop the value of market. Nowadays, people almost use paper goods every day with different ways, which means that there is a huge demand for paper goods in market. If rose has its own brand, it will sale variable paper products and get valuable return. [Exhibit 1]

According to positive response of the market tests of new party-ware designs, it indicates that taking advantage of the new digital imaging technology can make great effort on promoting its brand and receiving interesting feedback. Because of the digital imaging technology, Rose can print any popular characters to attract customers without too much filmmaking cost and bring a much vivid picture on the products. With this facility, customers may love to pay extra 6% or 7% to buy goods. Thus, Rose can be the pioneer to its rivals because of its flexible printing technology. Since the digital imaging printing can save time and cost, it may solve the problem of unexpected budget. [Exhibit 2]

For manufacturing a long time period, Rose not only has a rich experience about producing paper goods, but also has the top technology and strict procedures to make sure their products have higher quality than any others. Fortunately, the value of the products is exactly a crucial part of the branding strategy. As for a big player, Rose has already earned a good name about its quality and reliability, it can get a good reputation value and experiential value in the market and makes Rose’s brand become more attractive. [Exhibit 3]

In conclusion, it is suggested that Rose should put its efforts behind its own brand that aligns with the lead of market position, advanced technology and the great value of its products. With these factors, I think Rose can develop a successful brand in the future.

A rose by any other name – Creating own brand

Exhibit 1- World Paper industry producing numbers

World Paper industry market share

According to the chart one we can find that the top 10 paper companies produced a huge number of paper goods for the market, and create a great record of its market share. Although there is a decline trend between Feb 2009 and Jun 2009, the producing trend remains a significant increasing trend after Jun 2009. It is clearly that the paper goods market had a great achievement during 2012, and the number reach to the top at 118.6, which means the market, has a large space for paper industries to explore. If rose create its brand and make a valid marketing strategy, it can earn a better position in the market and become