A Rose For Emily Gothic Analysis

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“A Rose for Emily.” Is a short, tragic story written by William Faulkner . The story is set in the post reconstruction south era after the Civil War. A woman named Emily, became devastated after her father dies and leaves the house with her alone. She then fills her loneliness void by getting attached and falling in love with a man named Homer Barron. Homer starts to show signs of not being an able to fit the role as her husband . She refuses to let Homer leave because she won’t be able to take the emotional pain of losing another person. Emily in the end, kills Homer and her convincing herself they will be together forever this way. Faulker uses gothic elements to show an atmosphere to keep the reader on edge for suspense , fear and shock. With his gothic style, he was able to display the evilness of the world , life experiences and heartaches of love. The author drops gothic elements such as the imposing decrepit house, the decayed corpse and the mysterious secret horrors to connect and symbolize Emily’s life.
In Gothic novels the setting of mystery/ horror is shown
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Emily was very emotionally damaged “ She loved Homer but felt deserted when he turned out not to be the type of man she could marry”. Emily is portrayed as having low self-esteem and trying to find confinement in Homer. After Emily refused to leave Homer alone, she got interested in rat poison. “ I want rat poison.” Emily denied the poison was for anything else except rats, but this brought mystery and suspense to the novel .Emily was in total despair to not have Homer as her lover. Emily go’s even further to not mention what it was used for when the druggist asked “ Miss Emily just stared at him, her head tilted back in order to look him eye for eye , until he looked away .” The sentimental language used is another key element for the setting to make the characters seem wild and out of