A Separate Peace. Chapter analisys Essay

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Chapters 1-3.

1. How does Gene describe the school when he visits it as an adult?
He described it as, “looking oddly newer than it had fifteen years before”. Saying it seemed more sedate then he remembered, more perpendicular and strait-laced, the windows seemingly more narrow and shinier woodwork, seeming as though a coat of varnish had covered everything for preservation. (Chapter 1, page 1)

What is this an example of? This is an example of imagery.

Why? Gene is describing the school in depth and immense detail, almost taking you to the school as you read.

2. Read the full description of the war and how it affected American life on pages 32-33. It is full of imagery and true description. What does Gene say about
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Why does he change his mind?

3. What is Finny’s view of the war? How does he explain it?

4. How does the Winter Carnival offer a “separate peace” for the boys? How does it end?

5. Describe Gene’s visit with Leper and his character now:

Chapters 11-13

1. Describe the “trial.” How does it affect Gene? How does it affect Finny?

2. Gene is asked to take Finny’s things to him the next morning and gets to talk to him. What does he say? What does he find out about Finny and the war? Do they come to some kind of peace in their friendship? How?

3. Gene gives a very detailed account of the events leading up to the moment Dr. Stanpole tells him about Finny. Why would Knowles write like this? What does tragedy do to your memory?

4. Why did Gene never talk about Finny? However, he says he is present at every moment. Why?

5. What is the “final” moment of school for Gene?

Overall Questions 1. Gene gives an account of his war experience. He relates it to Finny and Devon. What does he say Finny was? 2. Evaluate the pros and cons of competition. How is this displayed in the novel?

3. How was war infused in the