A Separate Peace Gene Character Analysis

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Gene was an evil person in John Knowles’ book, A Separate Peace, because Gene let the jealousy overcome his empathy for Finny, causing him to hurt his best friend. Gene purposefully jounced the limb while on the tree with Finny, causing him to fall and break his leg, crippling him Finny for life. Gene was overcome with jealousy and hatred towards his best friend Finny. Another reason to prove Gene was an evil person was when Finny got caught with the headmaster of Devon School, Gene secretly was hoping for Finny to finally get in trouble. Gene was very jealous of Finny’s wittiness with getting out of trouble, causing himself to get overpowered with jealousy and turning his back on his friend. Lastly, another event in A Separate Peace was when after Gene hurt Finny, he went through Finny’s closet and tried all of his clothes on and looked at himself in the mirror. Gene was jealous of Finny and wanted to be like him. He first started by taking away Gene’s athleticism …show more content…
Patch-Wither’s house to have a meeting. Finny was trying to dress slick in order to look good in front of the headmaster because he is already frustrated at Finny for missing dinner nine times in the past two weeks. Finny wears the school's tie as a belt and the headmaster becomes very aggravated with him. While Finny tries to talk himself out of getting in trouble, Gene is secretly wishing for Finny to finally get in trouble. “He had gotten away with everything. I felt a sudden stab of disappointment” (Knowles 22). This quote from the book A Separate Peace is important because it is Gene’s reaction to Finny after he gets out of trouble. Gene wanted Finny to get in trouble with the headmaster because he always gets out of trouble. Gene was disappointed after witnessing Finny get out of predicament. Gene is an evil person because he relishes off of seeing his best friend getting in trouble with the headmaster of their