A Short Story

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Here I am in the middle of green mountains that are surrounding me, where the environment is digusting.very disgusting everywhere I go there is animal faeces. Especially cow and sheep faeces ,it’s really horrible which puts me off eating .The weather here is really hot and prickly hot .I’ve never been through a day like this in my life. Where I cannot tolerate anything im already annoyed even though it’s only been 2 hours since I’ve arrived here.This entire place smells worse than a decayed mummy, worse than million dead rats. I hate this place so much. Everything here is so annoying; I get irritated by everything.IM too far away to meet my friends and im not even allowed to call or Skype them. Forget about calling I’m not even allowed to have my phone anymore, no Wi-Fi, no parks or mall to hang out at.Theres no one to talk to apart from the people I’m staying with for few days I hope. It feels like I’ve been dumped on stranded desert with a bunch of freaks.

Tomorrow Mrs Conway is going to hand out the schedule of the duties I have to do and the rules I have to follow. She has already clearly told me some of the rules for her house which I must strictly follow the rules are such a pain on the ass. No waking up late, no cell phones and technology, she does not want any bad disrespectful behaviour and negative attitude.NO cigareetes.This is not the only few there is a whole suitcase filled with rules that never seems to end. There are two rules I don’t think I can follow that easily whish are waking up early or milk the ‘dotted cows’ as she calls them. The second rule is no cigarettes, I cannot survive