A Short Story About Moving Away

Words: 534
Pages: 3

Her shivering grew uncontrollably and the wind grew vigorous, screeching at the trees making them shake, swaying back and forth in trepidation of the lighting cracking down onto them putting them to repose. Meg pulled the quilt closer inch by inch, until she was unable to see the cracks of moonlight scattered across the floor. The storm grew out of control along with Megs shivering, her lip quivered and her eyes welled with tears of the fear of not seeing tomorrow. Then it happened the window shattered sending a piercing sound threw the air, pieces of glass were strewed across the old wood floor. Meg cried for help, as the wind blew through the room. Her baby brother awoke shrieking and crying for his rescue everything was chaos. It was a blur, …show more content…
Not the teachers who criticized and compared her to how brilliant her family was. Not the girls who made scornful remarks on how she roughed house with the boys. And not the boy who made fun of her brother for being a dumb baby. They were all gone, but the thoughts still remained they flooded her head spinning around and around so fast she couldn't focus. “Delinquent.” She repeated
Out of all the words in the world she was a delinquent, a girl who didn’t always do so well in school, a girl who liked to play rough, and a girl who didn't follow the society's majority's rules. She was Meg. Lighting cracked and she snapped back, no longer scared or shivering. She stood from the rickety brass bed placing her feet on the ground and standing tall, she was confident something she never felt before. Meg strode to the old creaking door, as she turned the nob lighting cracked again louder than before. She stood no longer scared of the trees that tossed and the frenzied lashing of the