A Short Story: Cruella De Vil's Story

Words: 1389
Pages: 6

As soon as Anita and Roger helped us up, they welcomed us warmly to their room, and there, I told them about the note that Cruella De Vil showed me.

“Note? I haven’t sent a note!” Anita cried in confusion. Suddenly, it was right at that time that I realized Miss De Vil’s trick.

“She didn’t know you were in Paris after all!” I gasped. “She just said that so that I would go and then she would follow me and find out! No wonder I felt the presence of someone familiar at the ferry dock!”

“The devil!” Roger exclaimed in rage.

Then, Nanny suddenly thought of something. “How about if I get down and see if they have fetched the tea and cupcakes yet!” And with that, she walked out of the room, followed by Pongo and Perdie who were both excited
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“Baked with the traditional ingredients of the renowned Religieuse!”

There was not much to debate afterwards. Miss De Vil tried to convince them that a late entry should not be counted, but no one would accept that claim. The blue ribbon was pinned to my blouse and the puppy was soon awarded to me and was safe in my arms. “Patch!” I cried and he barked back happily as he licked my cheek. “You may be a hero, but you still need help sometimes!”

At such a joyous event, Roger smiled in bright ecstasy. “This is brilliant! And it just inspires me to write a song!” With that, he picked up his trombone and started playing a new hit tune he called, Parisian Puppies. Everyone loved it, but when it came time for him to play a different song, he proposed to play Spots, a hit song he composed before, but we all cried to him that we wanted a different one. After scratching his head for a moment, he suddenly remembered. “Oh, yes! My favorite song!” And with that, he started playing Cruella De Vil. Everyone danced with excitement and some people even joined in singing the song. With the City of Lights illuminating our skies and spirits, it was a perfect ending to our