A Short Story Of John Doe's Mistake

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Silver flakes drifted down; glittering as the harvest moon shone down from the inky black sky above. The crow swooped down to rest on the decrepit oak tree, surveying the weathered gravestones, peering down at the black mass below. An open hole. A crowd of people reminiscing of a time long ago. A time full of happiness and joy. A time full of hope and optimism. But this was not the time for celebration; it was a time to let what had happened go. The polished timber box hides the pain and atrocity of mistake. John Doe. He was known to many... He was found in an abandoned motel room by his wife, Jane. It wasn’t like in the movies where the CSI came and the killer was found. It was death. Plain and simple.

John was an average guy. He had an
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He exited the train and walked 6 minutes to his workplace. He had worked for the same bank for the past fifteen years, Credit Democratic. He trudged through the doors and greeted his fellow colleagues; as he did every day. He waited precisely 14 seconds for the elevator to descend from the heavens to the mortal world before the doors rattled open so to gobble him up. As the doors slid closed, John noticed the figure hiding in the corner of the bank. Black like a shadow. Hiding behind the potted palms and cushy magenta lounges. Trying to conceal his identity from the mass of lifeless puppets in the foyer. John was not even sure if he saw correctly and he let the thought go on a whim. He exited onto the 9th floor and was assaulted with the sounds of ringing phones and people chattering. Today seemed like any other day. Untouched and unaware of the strange events unfolding before him. John obliviously tapped away furiously onto his keyboard. A large hand solidly landed upon his shoulder; breaking his trance that had befallen him. John turned hesitantly, unwilling to be distracted from his work for too long when he came face to face with a blur of black. Suddenly, his world started to descend around him; tearing itself apart. John’s confusion grew as a blood-curdling scream pierced his ears making them bleed. ***
I feel the air around me thin as I descended