A Small Good Thing Analysis

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In the story “A Small Good Thing” by Raymond Carver uses imagery of the parents actions throughout the story causing isolation between them and towards the end connectedness. “A Small Good Thing” is about a boy who got hit by a truck on his birthday as was hospitalize, this causes the parents to be isolated, depressed, stress, and many other things a parent will feel for their hospitalized child. There many times where the parents could have connect with other people or connect with each other but they choose not to until the end of the story where they finally connect with the baker. Again so much imagery was included in the story and this creates an image of how the parents were isolated and then connectedness with the baker towards the end.
The first type imagery of isolation was that when the Ann and Howard were waiting for their son to wake up, and that was when Ann tells Howard that she was praying and he replied that he was praying too, realizing that she wasn’t alone
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It was because of the baker’s harassment towards the parents that got them to come to his store and talk to one another about the whole ordeal. “They talked on into the early morning, the high, pale cast of light in the windows, and they did not think of leaving.” This show that are finally willing to connect with other people rather than be isolated. Imagery was a big part in this whole story that keep building up the theme of isolation and connectedness throughout the story. Isolation show that it was bad for the parents because they wanted to kill the baker towards the end, but it was connectedness that finally convince them what was it doing to them. “I’d like to kill him” and “They talked on into the morning...and they did not think of leaving.” Showing that people who isolated themselves isn’t healthy for people to do and that connectedness was something that people should do