A Sound Of Thunder Foreshadowing

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Do you know how plot twist affect the elements of surprise in a story? In Rad Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” the story follows a man named Eckel going on a safari back in time to hunt dinosaurs. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” the story follows the lottery in a small town and the consequences it has on the town. In Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” and Jackson’s “The Lottery” both authors utilize foreshadowing, pacing manipulation, and the building of suspense to create the effect of surprise. To begin with foreshadowing is an important element in both stories that allow the reader to contemplate what is assumed to happen. In “The Lottery” at the beginning of the story there is a scene described where children were collecting stones and making a pile of them. From the reader’s point of view it maybe that the children are going to play a game or something later on. One way foreshadowing can be used in “A Sound of Thunder” is the guide Travis …show more content…
The manipulation of the pacing allos the author to set the speed of the story to the pace of their liking. The author can either build the story up slowly or drop you right into the climax. In “A Sound of Thunder” Bradbury uses Eckel’s fear of the dinosaur to increase the pace. Eckel starts to run but what the reader doesn’t know is that at the while running away he stepped on a butterfly when he went off the path. The reader doesn’t know the Eckel stepped on a butterfly until after the group returns to the present. We see this through all the change that has taken place and then Eckel exclaims that he didn’t know stepping on one little butterfly would change everything so much. Pacing is a great way to get the reader to feel like they are even more into the story or just to bring their attention in even more. Another great way to draw in the reader to create the effect of surprise is through the building or