A Story Of Loyalty In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet: a story of love, a story of loyalty, a story of death. Romeo and Juliet’s love was always forbidden; their deaths allegedly due to their families feuds. In reality, their tragedies were not caused by their parents’ animosity. The deaths of Romeo and Juliet were caused by the character flaws of Juliet’s loyalty and Romeo’s rashness.
Juliet’s untimely death comes as a result of her character flaw of loyalty. Initially, Juliet is loyal to her family. Juliet is young and persuadable, allowing Paris to woo her at her parents’ request. Her loyalty hastily changes to Romeo, when she lays eyes on him. She abandons her allegiance to her family and thinks only of Romeo. “…be but sworn my love, / And I’ll no longer be a Capulet,” (2.2.38-39).
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Romeo repeatedly repelled Tybalt’s challenges. After Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo irrationally accepted Tybalt’s challenge. Romeo could have prevented another death by controlling his emotions. By accepting the duel, Romeo transformed from being calm and loving, to angry and serious. All too late, Romeo realizes the gravity of what he had done. “O, I am Fortune’s fool!” (3.1.142). Romeo blames fate for his punishment. Ironically, his character flaw caused the death of his cousin, the death of his wife, the death of his marriage.
Romeo’s suicide was his final reckless decision. Upon hearing of Juliet’s death, Romeo was unable to comprehend his situation. Desperate and distraught, Romeo bought poison and headed for the Capulet’s tomb. Romeo’s haste caused him to rush to Juliet’s deathbed without thinking twice. Romeo constantly has no regard for the consequences of his actions. He also does not consider what his death would do to his family.
Romeo and Juliet: a story of anguish, a story of torment, a story of love. The star-crossed lovers were doomed from the moment they met. Romeo and Juliet could have prevented their downfalls, but their character flaws wed them to