A Study Of The Rain Forest

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1. I never really been in the wilderness alone because I’m afraid of what might be out there, but if I just had to go into the wilderness alone I would like to go to a rain forest.

2. I’m in my backyard for this observation; there are a couple of trees around, but not many. Lots of rocks, dirt and gravel some grass due to our backyard being designed with grass, concrete and gravel. The typical temperature for this area this time of year is high 60’s in the day time sometime dropping down to as low as the 30’s.The soil in this area is pretty dry, due to we haven’t seen rain in about 3weeks.

3. There isn’t much biodiversity at my site we have Palo Blanco and Palo Verde trees. We have a few rabbits, birds and some insects around.

4. A. I chose the Palo Verde tree the leaves are very green but tiny about 2mm. Some part of the tress trunk is green.

B. The Average leaf length is about 2mm long.

C. The leaves of the Palo Verde differ from the tress right next to it which would be the Palo Blanco. The leaves are a lot bigger and stronger.

D. The function of the leaves is to take in and give off oxygen. Yes I think there are enough leaves on the tree to give off good amount of oxygen.

5. The branch pattern is kind of wild like, it seems as if branches are coming from everywhere. The branches are long and thin not much support if one wanted to try and climb to the top of the tree.

6. Plants have seeds that they spread in order to reproduce this is how they transfer the genetic characteristics there is only 1 plant in my field of view which is grass.

7. It's all the same some of the grass blades are taller than others but not much of a difference

8. It seems as if the ants depend on the grass for shelter and food

9. I believe that other insects my beauty brands is a place for food and shelter. grass plays a big part in the structure of the community is a hole in the community appear to be well kept and green it gives life and beauty to the neighborhood

10. Here in Arizona we have only 2 seasons where the weather changes summer and winter. Usually in the summer the grass can turn brown if not watered properly. In the winter it's usually green. Plants support the global circulation of water in the hydrologic cycle.

11. Grass sequesters carbon dioxide, produces oxygen and filter pollutants from the air as part of the carbon cycle.

12. Humans pose a threat of killing grass by not watering it properly it turns brown and dies. If you water grass in the Sun it causes it to instantly turn brown and die. It's safe now until summer come which will require lots of attention maintenance the specific is no or low maintenance been given to the grass in the summertime