A Study on Traffic Violations Essay

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Praveen Kumar A, MBA.

INTRODUCTION Violations in traffic laws are very common in a highly populated country like India. The conditions are even worse in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore and Chennai. The accidents associated with these violations cause a huge loss to life and property.
Same is the case in Chennai. Being a metro city and a highly populated one also, has a lot of road accidents every year. Despite this the violations in traffic laws do not reduce. A lot of people disobey the rules every day sometimes willingly and sometimes because they are forced to do so because of others.
The major traffic laws in India
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The main reasons being, the carelessness of the traffic police who let go these criminals without giving them punishments. Today the number of traffic violators appearing in person in the court is the least of all criminals. The data collected is not sufficient to get the exact number of violations but it permits a reasonably sound approximation.
Making our best efforts, the data was collected by selecting portions of Chennai with more number of traffic i.e. where the crowd on the road is more. The peak time was selected for the study which means observations were made when the traffic crowd is at its peak in the weekdays as well as in weekends. Observations were made from 8:00am to 10:00am & 5:00pm to 8:00pm in the weekdays whereas in the weekend observations were made from 4:30pm to 9:00pm and as predicted about the level of traffic on the road was high. By the observations made it is clear that traffic police as well as the population both are responsible for the increasing problems in the road safety.
The method of collecting data was selected as OBSERVATIONS. As this was a study based upon the behavioural sciences. This was a part of the uncontrolled observations as there were collected under the natural circumstances; the