A Symbolic Landscape Analysis

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Symbolic landscapes are most commonly literal landscapes. For example, the “New England” town and a “main street” in the middle of town, my soccer team is a symbolic landscape as well. A landscape is something you thrive in and live in. The soccer team is the place where I thrive and, in season, I live the soccer team everyday. The soccer team symbolises a family. We provide support, a sense of security, and structure to members lives. All of these are things a family should provide.

The soccer team is very supportive of each other. We need to be in order to be successful. If we were always putting each other down we wouldn’t win games and more importantly we wouldn’t be considered a family. Being a family comes first and after that you’ll win games. Support is extremely important in a family too. Just as important as it is in a soccer team. If a family doesn’t provide support for each other then they will fall apart and won’t be close. It’s extremely important for families and soccer teams both to provide support for each other.

A sense of security is important in a family, and in a soccer team too. It’s important for team members to feel safe because they will be able to open up and perform at their best. Also, a sense of security brings a team closer together, just like it
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In a family there is structure. Usually, there are one or two leaders and the rest are followers. A soccer team is structured the exact same way. We have two to three captains that are the leaders of the team and the rest of the team are followers. This infrastructure makes the soccer team like a family. They also provide structure in a different way. A family gives you structure to your day and life. There are certain things you do with your family or are things you just have to do with them. The soccer team is the same way. In season the team gives structure to your whole day