A Tale Of Two Cities

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In different countries, there are citizens going against the the nobles, and all they want is to see their blood drip for justice. You can also see this idea that we all want contentment and equity in literature, specifically in Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities. In a Tale Of Two Cities, Charles Dickens uses the wine casket as a symbol of the blood that will be spilt to convey the idea that all mankind has a wicked side to them, if torched to much they will attack.
When the cask is dropped the people become very animalistic in their endeavor to satisfy their thirst for blood. The miserable populace " suspend their business… to run to the spot and drink it" emphasizing how important it is to them. When the people drink the wine they " [acquire] a tigerish smear around [their] mouth" from the greed of drinking so much ( Dickens 26). They are being stained from the wine as if it were blood that can not be washed away. While all of this is occurring you see " A tall joker.. [with] his finger scrawled upon a wall… dripped in muddy,wineless BLOOD"(Dickens 26). The joker is foreshadowing the blood that will will be spilt , and how all the streets of St. Antoine will be forever stained with blood as will all the streets of France.
Dickens' beliefs that man's personality contains an elements of sanguinary is conveyed through the wine casket. Were the people are desperate on the street trying to obtain all the wine from the casket they can get, this shows the wine casket…