A Thesis Proposal Essay

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Automated Grading System

A Thesis Proposal Submitted to the Faculty
Of AMA Computer College-Bacolod Campus

In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirement
On CSCI15: Software Engineering

Submitted by:

Lieza Mae G. Apsay
Francis Riel Salvador
Rogin Villaruz

January 7, 2011

Chapter 1


Jack & Jill School was founded by Cecilia del Castillo-Lopez as a preschool in 1963. She converted her living room into a classroom and started teaching to 23 boys and girls from the small neighborhood of Homesite. “Little Angels” in City Heights was opened in 1971 and managed by her very capable assistant. It was later renamed to Jack & Jill Kinder School, City Heights branch. In 1979, Jack & Jill Kinder School in
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6. Teachers - is a person who provides schooling for pupils and students. - In this study the teachers are the one who are responsible to put something into the system or expended in its operation to achieve the output or a result, especially their student grades.


Significance of the Study

The result of this study is significant to the following:

Teachers. The system is beneficial to the teachers because it will help them to encode the grades of the students, to compute their quizzes, exams and class participation, through this they can save their time compare to manual processes of computation. It’s just one click and there is an exact result.

Students. The system is beneficial to the students because it will help them to clarify how their grades are being computed. The percentage of their exams, quizzes, attendance, class standing and other extra points they got, it is already there and reliable. If the students got failed, they not need to ask some questions to their teachers about the computation. It shows their grades in the file which is saved in the computer.

Staff. The system is beneficial to the staff because it will help them to access grades of a student that the teachers encoded and submitted directly from the automated grading system. They can also help the teachers for indicating who are the student that have a failing grades and the top students.


Registrar.The system is beneficial to the