Essay about A Thousand Miles: a Qualitative Research Study on Successful Long Distance Relationships

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A Thousand Miles: A Qualitative Research Study on Successful Long Distance Relationships

Geela Amoroso
Veronica Balbin
Regene Bautista
De La Salle University- Manila


Stafford, Daly, and Reske (1987) say that approximately one third of premarital relationships in universities may be long-distance in nature. In recent years, long-distanced relationships (LDRs) have become increasingly frequent, particularly in young adults (Arditti& Kauffman, 2004). Having to move for work for men and women’s educational and occupational reasons has created a need for many romantically involved couples to be separated in distance (Johnston & Packer, 1987). If a lot of people, particularly the
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Commitment is defined as the tendency of a person to carry on in the relationship (Rusbult, 1983; Van Lange et al., 1997). It is a person’s attachment to his/her partner and aims to continue the relationship (Arriaga & Agnew, 2001). Commitment serves as one factor in maintain a relationship and even to improve the relationship (Rusbult, Arriaga, & Agnew, 2001).
Attachment is defined as the tendency of a person to maintain close distance with their partner who provides them protection and security (Bowlby, 1969/1982).
Coping is defined as the different ways a person handles the absence if his or her partner. For couples, one way of coping is to think of their relationship in a bigger picture and to think that the relationship will help shape their own personalities (Firmin, Firmin, and Lorenzen, n.d.).
Scope and Delimitations

Research Design
The researchers used phenomenology because they wanted to know the experiences of individuals in long distance relationships and the things that these individuals have in common regarding this phenomenon.
Sampling and Sampling Design
The participants were college students within Metro Manila who were currently in successful long distance relationships. They are considered