A True American Crime Story

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A True American Crime Story – GoodFellas

When talking about a true American crime story, one can start and end the discussion with one of the most powerful and influential true stories ever told: GoodFellas. Based on the incredible true story, the film follows the rise and fall of Lucchese crime family associates Henry Hill and his friends throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 1980s. Originally written as the non-fiction novel “Wise Guys” by Nicholas Pileggi, the story takes you deep into the world of arguably the most notorious crime posse America has ever known: the Italian Mafia. It is viewed by scores of critics and moviegoers alike as one of the greatest crime/drama movies ever filmed – so needless to say, with such a
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And after multiple stabs to the mid-section, with Batts still alive, coughing up blood, Jimmy pulls out his revolver and lets three shots go into his face and chest. It is in this minor detail of the story where the viewer really begins to understand the emotional vice and immorality of these ever-so-smooth “gangsters.”

When watching the film, it’s not too hard for the audience to grasp the spatial order of the story – Scorsese is a genius when it comes to this. Taking into consideration that the story is told in the narrative perspective of Henry, naturally the viewer can expect flash blacks and or imaginings that will drive the plot in certain directions. For instance, the very first scene of the entire movie is when Jimmy, Henry and Tommy kill Billy Batts; and when the deed is done, the camera focuses solely on Henry’s face. It is here in the film when the epic quote: “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster,” comes full volume. The story then flashes back to Henry’s childhood and how he was influenced by the gangsters in his neighborhood, and soon, flashes forward, showcasing Henry as a twenty-one year old mobster on the come-up. The movie follows Henry all the way as he climbs the ranks, meets Jimmy Conway & Tommy DeVito, and even as he carries out robberies and drug trafficking. What makes the movie so unbelievable entertaining is the way the