A Visit To The American

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After I read the note I was mesmerized by it, I didn’t know what it meant. Immediately I went to that bottom drawer and saw what was in it, there was a museum entrance to the Smithsonian; I wonder if I should go there and just check it out, I’m sure Obama, my predecessor and now ex-president of the U.S., is just making me a prank for my first day as president. On the way to the museum I started reading the newspaper. It said that Dan Brown had made yet another book on the Illuminati’s plans and secrets. I don’t even think there is a thing such as the Illuminati or anything of that sort. When the secret service and I got to the Smithsonian, I asked the lady at the information counter if they had any expositions on Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allan Poe or John Proctor. She said that they had recently taken an exposition of the Salem witch trials down, and had been taken to the storage vault beneath the museums; she also said that in the Salem exposition there was a John Proctor wax statue. I then asked her if I could go to the basement and examine the exposition, to which she gladly accepted since I am the President of the United States of America. The elevator to the basement was terrible; there were like 15 people, it was boiling hot and we were in there like for 10 minutes. The basement was huge, it went for miles in each direction; I bet it even went under my house. A security guard called Bobby took us to the exposition in a golf cart, we ended up needing 5 carts to be able to take all my security. When we got to the exposition, the security guard opened up the crate and showed us the John Proctor statue. I examined it and saw that one shoe was different from the other, it was a hiking boot size 11. I asked Bobby if I could remove it, he nodded, I took it off and saw that in the heel there was a secret compartment where a little wrinkled piece of parchment was stashed. I took it out very carefully and tried to read it and it said “A world full of gore, to be read nevermore. If this law will exist, in this place it shall rest”. After we all went back home, I just wanted to relax in my bed on my first day in charge. I couldn’t take that riddle out of my mind, Nevermore, Nevermore, Nevermore, where had I seen that? I went to put little Louie, my 7 year old son, to sleep when I saw that on his night stand he had a book called The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. He actually filled me with disparagement because when I was his age I could barely read more than 20 pages and he can read The Raven. Suddenly I remembered that Edgar Allan Poe was another guy Obama had told me to look for. But I still didn’t know where to look for that book, when I looked to the rest of the riddle: If this law shall exist, in this place it shall rest. And I thought to myself who makes laws exist? The congress!!! So that means that the book is in the library of congress.
At 10 pm I called the secret service and had them come with me to the library of congress where I would look for The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. When we got there it was already closed so we had to sneak in. We got in and found that the slot where the book should have been was empty. I started looking all around it but nothing was missing but that book. I started tapping around the slot and found a dent in the bottom. I put my finger in it and I felt something like button, I pressed it and a wooden plank popped up with a miniature kite an eye branded on top of it and a key tied to the string. I decided that this was the next clue and the only person I know that was stupid enough to fly a kite in mid-thunder storm was Benjamin Franklin. I had no idea where any of his memorials where so I looked him up in my phone and found that all his memorials are in Philadelphia, so I am going to hop onto my Air force 1 to Pennsylvania and keep looking for clues.