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Executive Summary A&W Restaurant has a large range of target market. This is because they are serving fast food that can be consume by all people such as children, families, teenagers, adults and late adults. As we all know A&W use to be famous and likeable by all people. But now days A&W are no longer the first choice of people eats fast food. In order to regain their name and rebrand it, we have decided to improve their four P’s which are product, price, place and promotion. Four C’s also will be discussed from the customer’s perspective and point of view, which are customer solution, customer cost, convenience and communication. While Direct Marketing will be used to solve their problems and at the same time to improve …show more content…
they had failed to capitalize their brand in Malaysia and had given ways to other fast food restaurants to branch out and concurs Malaysian fast food market.
Marketing Strategy
Online Marketing
During the re-launch, we will also engage the help of successful bloggers to help promote A&W website and brand. We will invite some of the famous blogger to try our new products and services and hope that they can spread the news over their blogs to attract more followers to visit A&W website. Many in the past have over looked the power of bloggers. Bloggers have the power to influence their faithful followers. Successful bloggers have thousands of followers. This will increase our outreach to the public.
We will also reward the blogger who talk about us the most through their blogs. Top three bloggers who talk about us the most through their blog by sharing, posting and commenting will be rewarded. In order to expand A&W online business, blogging can make a significant difference in their marketing effort to attract more visitors to their site. As per data available it was found that website can get 55% more visitors by using blogs as compared to those who do not blog at all.
In addition, we also will register forum to help advertise A&W website and brand. Because, people nowadays will use online forum to search about the products they want to buy or nice restaurant