A World with Lao Tzu’s Views Essay

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A World with Lao Tzu’s Views

Some of the most debated topics in America are based on politics. Everyone from homemakers to astronauts have their personal opinions of how the country should be governed. With so many political opinions and so little facts being used in decision making in our government, most of the pressing issues seem to be increasingly growing. There is very little consensus in our country today, hence bipartisanship being a hot topic among politicians. In my opinion, politicians act off of ego fighting to protect the political party with which they are associated. Often the common good of America is an afterthought when addressing issues in the country. People allow many factors to get in the way of everyday living
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The government should practice Lao Tzu’s views on weapons and limit the amount of guns distributed in America and let the people live in comfort and security. The Tao Te Ching offers many benefits to the American political system, specifically when Lao Tzu writes “The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people will be” (29). Recent arguments on what programs to cut and which to increase have boasted an array of opinions on how much government assistance Americans may need. For many decades our government has funded programs designed to assist citizens during hardships. These programs have become more and more popular over the years and are often abused by those who may not necessarily need the help. People have become handicapped by what the government provides. I have a cousin who is 24 years old of good health and has five children whose situation is becoming the social norm in society. She has the ability to be gainfully employed, yet she does not want to risk losing her housing and food vouchers provided to her by the government. She virtually lives at the expense of tax payers. Every month she sends out a text message asking “Does anyone want to purchase food stamps?” this angers me, yet clearly demonstrates how the system is flawed. She sells the food benefits given to her by the government in exchange for cash to go out and party. This is a perfect example