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A Farewell to Arms
Study Guide Questions

*Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper as completely as possible. Keep these questions/answers to use as notes in order to prepare for discussions, quizzes, and tests.


1. What tone is set in the opening chapters? Why is this unexpected?

The scene that Hemingway creates is peaceful and serene. However, the tone is depressing as fall turns into winter with rains and cholera plaguing the army. This is unexpected because the novel is about a war and we do not see any action.

2. What are your impressions of the narrator so far?

He seems rugged yet sensitive to the beauty of nature, articulate, inured to the dying that is part of war, probably a
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He isn’t expected and is left literally hanging- on the arms of the men supporting him- while she whines about having no room ready; he orders the porter to find him a room and Mrs. Walker cries.

22. How do Miss Van Campen and Henry get along? (13)

Neither likes the other. She mistrusts him for being in the Italian army. He gts angry when she refuses to order wine for him.

23. Why do you think Miss Gage tells Henry that she doesn’t like Miss Barkley? (14)

It is her humorous way of admitting some jealousy- that Miss Barkley is so attractive- and perhaps some jealousy that Miss Barkley leaves no room for Miss Gage with him.

24. How does the barber act toward Henry? Why? (14)

Thinking the Lt. Henry is Austrian, the barber acts hostile.

25. What does Henry see when he looks at his wound now? (15)

It looks repulsive- like hamburger meat- but he views it objectively , with detachment.

26. What is the surgeon’s advice for Henry? Why does he not like the advice? (15)

The surgeon advises waiting six months before surgery, to allow the bullet to “encyst”.

27. Why does Henry decide to have Dr. Valentini go ahead with the operation? (15)

Lt. Henry want a major- not a captain- to do the operation, and he wants it done right away- which Valentini agrees is the way to go.

28. Why does Catherine tell Henry not to think about the two of them while he is under the anesthetic? (16)